Child Safety



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In 2014 the Decree CSN EN 13120 + A1came into force which sets the safety rules for the operation of interior shades. Control elements, such as chain, string or line may form dangerous loops. Babies (the standard specifies 0 - 42 months) may get seriously injured or even strangled in the formed loops. It is therefore necessary to eliminate these risks by removing the loops from the reach of children and use of safety features.


 1) Product with safety features (SF) - meets the specifics of the standard

a) by suitable positioning of SFwe eliminate the risks
b) is marked with warning signs
c) a suitable security feature is part of the product







2) Product without safety features (SF) - meets the specifics of the standard

a) intended for use in areas where the movement of children aged 0-42 months is not anticipated (production halls, industrial buildings, offices, laboratories, ... )
b) is marked with ban information label (warning)







Every order needs to specify whether it is a product with SF or without SF (SF - safety feature). Possibility of choice in an online form by ticking the SF option you will order 1) Product safety features and warning. By not ticking SF you will order the variant 2) Product without safety features with warning that the interior shades will be installed in locations where the movement of children in the age specified by the standard is not expected.


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